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Are we doing a practical Sir?

17 May 2018

“Are we doing a practical Sir” screams the excited year 7 down the corridor as they realise that we have had a room change and the pristinely lined up year 10s groan knowing that period 3 Friday is now in a classroom. There has been a running debate in science teaching as to the value […]

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ResearchED Blackpool session review: Tom Bennett

4 May 2018

In the latest of our session summaries from #rEDBlackpool, Phil Brown (Assistant Headteacher at St Mary’s Catholic Academy, Blackpool) shares his thoughts on Tom Bennett’s talk on “Creating a Culture”. […]

Author: Phil Brown
Posted on: 4 May 2018
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Models in Science Education

30 April 2018

It’s a Thursday afternoon, its year 9 electricity, it’s raining and there isn’t enough equipment to go around the department. Welcome to the reality of Science teaching, but rather than complain about this let’s see it as an opportunity! At times like this, I tend to unleash …. The model! Modelling in science has a […]

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rED Blackpool session review: Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson

25 April 2018

In the second of our researchED Blackpool session reviews, Simon Cox summarises the talk by Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice. […]

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Literacy – a matter of life and death?

23 April 2018

According to recent research by the National Literacy Trust (Feb 2018) there is a proven link between literacy levels and life expectancy. Since Blackpool is one of the most deprived areas in England and its life expectancy rates are the lowest for men and the second lowest for women in the country, then here it […]

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rED Blackpool session review: Tom Sherrington

13 April 2018

In the first of our reviews of sessions from researchED Blackpool, held at Blackpool Research School on 24 March 2018, we look at Tom Sherrington’s session “No ‘Can Do’? – Making Assessment Actions Count”. I had not seen Tom speak before, but his Twitter ‘thought experiment’ from last year intrigued me and made me reflect […]

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What’s going on this half term at Blackpool Research School? Summer Term 1

11 April 2018

After a hectic Spring term in which we launched our first ever training courses, held a conference for 300 delegates, and hosted two evidence fairs, you would think we would have given ourselves a rest over the coming weeks. But our work never stops here at Blackpool Research School, and we have a packed schedule […]

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Blackpool researchED: It’s all over . . . I hope not!

10 April 2018

Well, it’s all over! 300 delegates from all over the country, 27 speakers, a Baroness, a hugely popular bookstore, boundless enthusiasm, lots of humour and even the sun shone. Blackpool’s first ever Research Ed Conference at St. Mary’s Catholic Academy was an undoubted success. All present listened eagerly to the messages delivered by the excellent […]

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researchED Blackpool 2018

28 March 2018

On Saturday 24 March 2018, Blackpool Research School held its first annual conference, working with the team at researchED to put together a packed programme of sessions aimed at teachers, leaders, researchers, and anyone with an interest in education.  This is our first conference as a Research School and it was fantastic to welcome so […]

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#rEDBlackpool-making implementation sexy

26 March 2018

Now that the planning is over, the day has been a fantastic success by all accounts and we have spread the word about research and evidence based practice, we are left with the question (to paraphrase Robin MacPherson and Carl Hedrick) – “What should we be doing …. next?” […]

Author: Phil Naylor
Posted on: 26 March 2018
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