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Metacognition in the mathematics classroom (Part 1)

20 November 2018

The Education Endowment Foundation recently published their guidance report looking at Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning. The full report can be found here: https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/tools/guidance-reports/metacognition-and-self-regulated-learning/ One of the ‘misconceptions’ highlighted in the report is that metacognitive skills can be taught in standalone ‘thinking skills’-type lessons and are easily transferable from one subject context to another. The evidence base […]

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Ensuring students don’t clam up in Science

12 September 2018

In the wake of GCSE results this summer , it is timely to revisit one of the more talked about questions as far as the class of 2018 were concerned in Science, the Oyster question!(AQA Biology Paper 2). Why didn’t you teach us about Oysters screams social media in the hours following the exam, the […]

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When do practicals work well in science? A Schools Week Article

10 September 2018

Our Deputy Director of Blackpool Research School has just had an article posted on Schools Week: When do practicals work well in science? Below is a snippet of the article which you can read in full by following the link at the end. Do pupils learn more science when they’re taught in classrooms – with […]

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Some Summer Reads . . . . My Top Ten Educational Books

29 June 2018

Looking for some inspiration for summer reading? Here, Louise Wareing (research lead) presents her top recommendations. […]

Author: Louise Wareing
Posted on: 29 June 2018
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Developing Metacognition and Memory

17 January 2019–24 May 2019

A three-day programme aimed at leaders with responsibility for Teaching & Learning, middle leaders, and teachers at all phases. […]

Posted on: 28 June 2018
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Are we doing a practical Sir?

17 May 2018

“Are we doing a practical Sir” screams the excited year 7 down the corridor as they realise that we have had a room change and the pristinely lined up year 10s groan knowing that period 3 Friday is now in a classroom. There has been a running debate in science teaching as to the value […]

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What’s going on this half term at Blackpool Research School? Summer Term 1

11 April 2018

After a hectic Spring term in which we launched our first ever training courses, held a conference for 300 delegates, and hosted two evidence fairs, you would think we would have given ourselves a rest over the coming weeks. But our work never stops here at Blackpool Research School, and we have a packed schedule […]

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Don’t let the dust settle…

19 February 2018

As a new head of department a number of years ago, I inherited a stock cupboard filled floor to ceiling with folders. Many of these contained records of students long since departed. But a particularly dusty shelf was reserved for folders sent from the then DfEE: the “Framework for teaching mathematics”, Malcolm Swan’s “Standards Unit”, […]

Author: Simon Cox
Posted on: 19 February 2018
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Evidence Fair 25th January 2018

26 January 2018

Our Evidence Fair series began last week with a visit from EEF chief Executive Sir Kevan Collins to Blackpool. Evidence Fairs are short twilight sessions designed to kickstart a dialogue around a particular aspect of evidence: our subsequent sessions for this academic year will focus on Feedback, Metacognition and Memory. […]

Author: Simon Cox and Ben Gordon
Posted on: 26 January 2018
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What’s happening this half term at Blackpool Research School?

4 January 2018

Our network continues to build here at Blackpool Research School, and our training courses and events continue in earnest over the coming weeks. Here is a summary of what’s happening this half term: […]

Author: Simon Cox
Posted on: 4 January 2018
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