Research evidence, keeping the main thing, the main thing – but what is the main thing?

I started my tenth year at St Mary's this year and my fourth as Head teacher. During this time we have always been focused on innovation and much of our work is based on literature and evidence from across the globe. […]

Posted on 16 October 2017
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GROW Model in Education

We all know as form tutors that form time can be really busy. I was struggling to fit time into the week when I could properly mentor my students without feeling under a time pressure. I knew that this was something I needed to work on and so when the opportunity came up at school for a Research Lead, I was keen to use this time to research different ways good mentoring can take place in school. […]

Posted on 11 October 2017
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Finding my Voice

As an NQT starting at a new school every teacher has advice to give you. They have a wealth of valuable experience to share and combining that with all the policies you are being introduced to, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I’ve spent my first few weeks of teaching here at St Mary’s absorbing all the information people can give me. From laboratory technicians, to office staff to the teachers and pupils themselves, everyone has something to say. […]

Posted on 10 October 2017
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Using example-problem pairs in mathematics teaching

I have been a mathematics teacher for 14 years. For most of these, I was oblivious to research evidence and to what it could tell me about what works in the classroom and about how children learn. It's not that I ignored the evidence - I just didn't know it was out there, and it had certainly never featured in my initial teacher training. […]

Posted on 9 October 2017
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S.L.A.N.T In The Classroom

No matter how great and/or engaging one’s lesson is, if pupils aren’t alert, sitting up, and actively listening, it isn’t effective learning. SLANT is an acronym used in many classrooms that identifies appropriate classroom behaviour. […]

Posted on 6 October 2017
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Reflections on the changing world of research 1996-2017

As Some of you may be aware I have recently been given the opportunity to study for my long awaited MSc Science. Naturally the first module I have chosen to study had to be Research based. I thought it may be interesting to offer my reflections on the changing world of research from back in 1996 when I started my BSc Biology: […]

Posted on 4 October 2017
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