Journal Club – Spring 1 (2017 – 18)

4 January 2018

Author: Simon Cox

Our Research School operates an in-house “Journal Club” at which we discuss, review, and summarise a research paper each half-term, with a particular focus on its implications for classroom practice. It’s currently open to all schools on the Fylde Coast.

This half term, we are looking at Daniel T Willingham’s work on memory, and in particular his paper “What Will Improve a Student’s Memory?”. We will meet to discuss this work in February, with our findings published on this blog shortly afterwards.


Original paper from Daniel T Willingham, published in American Educator in 2008:

The Learning Scientists website is a mine of useful resources and blogs on this and many other topics:

Deans for Impact have produced a paper called “The Science of Learning” with practical cognitive science advice for classrooms:

If you fancy a longer read, I would recommend the following books:
Daniel T Willingham: “Why Don’t Students Like School?”
Peter Brown, et al: “Make it Stick: the Science of Successful Learning”


Craig Barton (@mrbartonmaths) has conducted an excellent podcast interview with Robert and Elizabeth Bjork titled “Memory, Forgetting, Testing, and Desirable Difficulties”. Find it by searching on your podcast app – listening notes are here:


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